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1998 Dec 28 – Newman

Barry Newman
Taxing issue: How do you quit being an American? With great difficulty — as many ruefully find out, renouncing citizenship is harder than ever — Making the ‘list of shame’
Wall Street Journal (28 Dec 1998) A1


The origins of the list of citizenship renunciants in the Federal Register traces to “a cloud of patriotic umbrage that passed over America in the mid-1990s.” Newman outlines a recent history of how “U.S. citizenship has steadily become easier to get and harder to lose.” His reporting presents a number of individual cases in varying levels of detail. A brief account of dates and numbers reveals relative low rates of renunciation: “A tax law to deter renouncers first hit the books in 1966. It was hardly
used, yet in the next 27 years, with a blip for the Vietnam War, fewer than 30,000 passports were turned in; through the 1980s, the average was 300 a year.”

Written by usxcanada

28 December 1998 at 6:00 am