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2011 Sept 2 – Christianson

David Christianson
Long arm of American tax law
Winnipeg Free Press (2 Sept 2011) B11


Financial planner Christianson marvels at the response to his recent column on US taxation of Canadian residents: “We received more emails and phone calls from that article than any in the last 16 years of publishing this column.” Christianson categorizes reactions according to “financial personalities.” Rampant and most common was denial, with a few instances of anger and defiance. The difficulties of hiding will only grow. “At the other extreme [stood] borderline pathological rule followers … prone to panic when faced with stress.” Christianson finds disturbing the many cases where “tax advisers and accountants have wrongly told … many U.S. citizens living in Canada … that they have no filing requirement in the United States.”


Written by usxcanada

2 September 2011 at 6:00 am

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