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2011 Oct 18 – Jacobson

David Jacobson
U.S.-Canada relations: issues and opportunities [Ambassador Jacobson’s remarks to the Canadian Club]
Embassy of the United States, Ottawa, Canada (18 Oct 2011)


Much of this speech by the US ambassador to Canada addresses “three unrelated events” of “the last few weeks.” The third of these “arises from recent media coverage of an issue [taxation of nonresident citizens] that has been around for about 100 years. … This is different from the way Canada — and some other countries — do it.” {{“some” here should read “almost no other”}} Jacobson mentions “two particular problems”: (1) “There are so many dual citizens, typically by birth, probably more than a million” (2) “The penalties — at least in a theoretical sense — can be quite severe.” Then Jacobson offered up a platitude that resulted in nothing more than a Dec 7 unreassuring IRS restatement of existing policy. “My message on this one is to sit tight. We are not unreasonable. We are not unsympathetic. We are not irresponsible.”

Written by usxcanada

18 October 2011 at 7:00 am