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2012 June 5 – Hodgen

Phil Hodgen
Why people expatriate
Hodgen Law [blog] (5 June 2012)


Tax and expatriation lawyer Phil Hodgen operates at the eye of the storm. This lengthy summation amounts to a very useful mini-manual on expatriation from the United States. As a forecaster, Hodgen says: “Political signals from the United States show that expatriation and tax policies are likely to get harsher. … The cost of expatriation now is less than the expected future cost of expatriation. Better to take the medicine now rather than later. … Expect the same exit tax rules, but more of them, and worse. Expect more expatriations. … Get out while the getting is semi-good. Don’t wait for more time. More time means more laws.”

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5 June 2012 at 6:00 am

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