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Isaac Brock Society
Blog and forum. “Liberty and justice for all United States persons abroad.” First posting 10 Dec 2011. Version 1 of Isaac Brock Society was frozen on 5 June 2012 because of a shift of web hosting from the United States to Canada and has since been rendered unavailable. [Note: The forum for Expat Tax suspended operation on 12 Jan 2012. See entry below. On 13 Jan 2012 IBS initiated three forum threads: Expat Taxes and FBAR / Relinquishment and Renunciation of US Citizenship / FATCA ] On 31 Dec 2012 Petros, web site moderator from the outset, stepped aside, and IBS took on the opacities of a controlled discussion site.

Isaac Brock Society Forum
Forum. First posting 15 Jan 2012.

Expat Tax
Forum software geared to commercial sponsorship. Online forum with 114 threads. Top two threads as of 11 Jan 2012 were Renunciation and US Taxes for Dual Citizens. Suspended on 12 Jan 2012 — Live on 14 Jan 2012 with 62 threads; Renunciation eliminated; US Taxes for Dual Citizens closed.  [Spun off from: Canada Expat Forum for Expats Living in Canada  Online forum with 3386 threads. Top two threads are Canadian Winters and Introduce Yourself.] For background on suspension and censorship see Expat Tax Forum Hijacked and A Censored Forum is an Oxymoron.


U.S. Citizens in Canada InfoShop
Web site. Purposes: To monitor, gather, select, and organize quality information; to assist others; to document historical circumstances.

Renunciation of U.S. Citizenship: A Web Guide
Web site. “About renunciation of U.S. citizenship: the law, the process, the details.” “We’re two friends who each renounced U.S. citizenship (separately) within the last few years with our families. And we personally know quite a few others who have expatriated, many of whom were willing to share their experiences with us for this site.”

Americans — Encyclopedia of Canada’s Peoples
Reference. Extensive academic summary of place of Americans among the peoples of Canada.


Association of Americans Resident Overseas
Founded in 1973; headquartered in Paris; members in 21 countries; an international, non-partisan association.

American Citizens Abroad
Founded in 1978; offices in Geneva and Washington; contacts in 47 countries; a non-profit, non-partisan, all-volunteer organization.

Overseas Vote Foundation
Helps overseas and military voters participate in federal elections.; a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, nonpartisan public charity [Pew Charitable Trusts] incorporated in Delaware.


Citizenship and Nationality
Travel.State.Gov — A service of the Bureau of Consular Affairs, U.S. Department of State

Dual Citizenship
Embassy of the United States, Ottawa, Canada


[Chronological order]

Marvin Van Horn @FBAR_Compliant
Twitter. “Just Me, an avg middle class guy living with his Australian wife in New Zealand and learning the painful lessons of how the IRS retains dominion over US persons.” First tweet 3 Sept 2011.

Expats in Canada
Blog. Canada. “Living with a US citizenship in the Frozen North” — First blog posting 4 Oct 2011.

Renounce U.S. Citizenship – Be Free!
Blog. “U.S. citizenship — FATCA — FBAR — OVDI — U.S. Expats.” First posting 24 Oct 2011.

Renounce U.S. Citz @renounceus
Twitter. “U.S. politics and the increasing attacks on U.S. expats.” First tweet 1 Nov 2011.

Fredericton Dual Citizen US Tax Information
Blog. Canada. A single 14 Dec 2011 posting provides a front door to two resources:
         FBAR, FATCA and “US Persons” in Canada by Russ Hunt
         Canadian-American Dual Citizens and Taxation by Bob Gerard

Stop Unconstitutional Double Taxation
Blog. Switzerland. First posting 27 Jan 2012.

Blog. Canada. First posting 6 Feb 2012. “A Canadian who’s afraid, after 36 years of being Canadian, that the U.S. sees her as a US citizen. Plus FATCA, FBAR and Citizenship.”

Maple Sandbox
Blog. Canada. First posting 12 Aug 2012. “A gathering place for people fighting US citizenship-based taxation.” Initiated with same WordPress theme as outragedcanadian.ca.


Hodgen Law Group PC
“When more than one country is plucking your goose, we can help.” Separate category for Expatriation.

U.S. Citizenship Library — Dual Citizenship
Web site of immigration consultant.

U.S. Citizenship for Canadians
Web site. Based in New York State, Lawyer Joseph C. Grasmick provides this information as part of his practice as “the citizenship lawyer for dual Canadian/Americans.”

Expat Tax Guide
Web site of Taxes for Expats. Note especially six links at lower left under heading Background Information on US Citizen Taxation.

Expat’s Manual — Expat Info Desk
Web site. “Owned and run by a team of expatriates … a single, comprehensive international relocation guide.”

“US Expat Taxes Explained” Series
Greenback Expat Tax Services

Tick-Tick-Tick: The Economy Bomb
Web site. “Legislative and regulatory attacks on success” are inducing capital flight from the United States. Many links.

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